Olives come in a wide assortment of beautiful colors and shades dependent on variety and ripeness. From fresh, bright apple green to deep plum purple, and vibrant yellow-gold to mahogany red, olive pigmentations are wonderfully diverse. They can even be a combination of two or three different hues, creating a unique ombre effect.

The olive is a drupe, or a fruit with a single large pit inside. Compared to other stone fruits like peaches and cherries, olives have an incredibly low sugar content and an ultra high oil content that in average can vary from 18% to 30% depending on the variety, ripeness and geographical location.

There are hundreds of varieties of olive trees, and different trees yield different olives that vary in size, chemical characteristics, oil content, ripening time, taste profiles, and more. The oils, once extracted from the olives, are blended into unique flavors that are distinctive to Carapelli.