The best way to maintain quality is to store your olive oil correctly. There is no strict timeline on how long you can keep an olive oil once it has been opened, as it strongly depends on storage conditions. To maximize the shelf life of an opened olive oil, it should be stored in a cool, dark place and kept tightly sealed at all times. Our recommendation is to use all of the oil within a few months. Olive oils have three key enemies you can avoid – heat, light, and air.

Don’t store olive oil next to the stove, on top of the fridge, or anywhere else heat accumulates.

Oil poured out of the bottle gets replaced with air, so use opened bottles within a few months.

Especially direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Don’t store olive oil by a window or on the top shelf near lights.

Many people ask if it’s good to refrigerate olive oil. If an oil is exposed to extreme cold during storage or shipping, it may get cloudy temporarily. However, that should not affect quality, and the oil is ready to use once it returns to room temperature. Some research suggests that repeated heating and cooling, as would happen with refrigerating between each use, puts stress on the oil and doesn’t extend the shelf life. Oils degrade naturally over time, and an olive oil past its prime will eventually become rancid.

To summarize: Store your olive oil in a cool, dark cupboard or pantry, and use opened bottles within a few months.