About Carapelli

Carapelli is a classic Italian love story.

It begins in Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance era and inspirational center for beauty, romance and art.

It is here in the heart of Tuscany that the marriage of Cesira Nuti and Costantino Carapelli in 1893 sets the stage for Casa Olearia Carapelli. There they would combine their love for all things Italian – art, culture, and the nourishing nature of Italian cuisine. The Carapelli’s lifelong love of Tuscany and their passion for the culinary arts is still at the core of who we are today.

The Carapelli family’s unique and innovative connection to the art and craft of olive oil lives in our hearts. Our reverence for the olive and its many contributions to the Mediterranean lifestyle is reflected in every bottle we produce. The pure, simple nature of our product, from the tree and to the table, will not be compromised.

We carry on the tradition and their passion for crafting high quality products as we continue to perfect the art of creating extra virgin olive oils. Inspired by the age-old traditions of Italian Maestro Oleario culture, we utilize our deep knowledge in olive varietals and our extensive expertise in sensorial assessment to artfully and skillfully craft our select extra virgin olive oil blends. We seek out the best olives from olive groves around the world to create an enlightening experience for the most discerning palate.

Here at Carapelli, we believe that beautiful, purposely crafted olive oil is something special for life’s creative moments. We invite you to join us and taste the legacy of Carapelli as we celebrate The Art of Extra Virgin.


At Carapelli, we have a long tradition of crafting exceptional products of high quality. We ensure the purity of our oils and guarantee that they are 100% extra virgin olive oil. Our commitment to transparency and traceability regarding what’s inside every bottle is valued at the highest regard.


Our extra virgin olive oils consist of only one ingredient. Naturally, we want it to be the finest ingredient – pure and simple. While all olives are a Non-GMO food, Carapelli is proud to be partnered with the Non-GMO Project to ensure that all of our products contain absolutely no genetically modified organisms.


Select Carapelli blends are certified organic, following the strict production and labeling requirements as mandated by the USDA. Products are only produced using allowed substances and are overseen by a certifying agent authorized by the USDA National Organic Program.