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From Zeus With Love

According to legend, Zeus wanted to test his fellow gods’ inventiveness by offering the City of Athens to the one who produced the most useful gift. The finalists were Poseidon, who created a horse, and Athena, who created the olive tree. Zeus chose the olive tree because it provided food and fuel, soothed wounds, and symbolized divine blessing and peace. Good call.

22 things.

In 2001, Carapelli instituted an internal quality-certification program to measure 22 quality parameters that are stricter than those required by law. The reason for this is simple: to provide customers every reassurance about the quality of Carapelli Olive Oils.

Our tale begins in 1893.

In 1893, Constantino Carapelli began selling olive oil and grain in his hometown of Montevarchi, Italy. By 1940, his dream of moving the business to Florence came true. Carapelli’s new Florentine warehouses were supplied with oil directly from the family mill at Ponte e Ema. By the 1950s, Carapelli was a household name.

old world meets new.

Today, Carapelli’s state-of-the-art headquarters in southern Florence combines Old World craftsmanship and new world standards. Here, we test our packaged products twice a day to ensure their physical and sensory characteristics meet our exacting standards.